COGx improves learning through evidence-based programs to enhance cognition and offers workshops on brain science for educators

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“Nothing else we have tried has delivered the kind of results COGx delivered to improve learning for our son.”COGx Client


Learn about the benefits of becoming a COGx partner school to better serve your students’ learning and your teachers’ professional development.

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Learn how our science and evidence-based programs, which we customize and deliver onsite, can enhance cognitive abilities for you or someone you know.

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If you provide evaluations, diagnoses or programs to enhance or remediate cognition for clients, learn how COGx can complement your services.

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If your school, clinic or organization could benefit from including applied research in cognitive science, contact us to explore how to incorporate our services.

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Request our latest research publication on cognition, remediation, the science of learning, and more.

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In order to improve learning, we must understand what is going on “beneath the surface” for each learner.

COGx improves learning outcomes for schools with science-backed, evidence-based programs that improve how students learn and how educators teach.

For students, we offer programs that enhance the cognitive skills students depend upon to learn effectively. 

For educators, we offer professional development workshops on the science of learning.

Solutions for Schools

Dr. Cindy Ward Sandler

“Since obtaining my Ph.D. in psychology in 1979, I have pursued my lifelong desire to help others reach their potential. I have sought effective interventions that improve learning by addressing cognition throughout my entire career.

In 2013 I began referring students to COGx and realized I had found a uniquely effective methodology. As a result, I decided to close a successful private practice in psycho-educational testing to help democratize access to COGx.”

COGx Research

COGx is a research and development company in applied cognitive science that remediates and enhances cognition for better learning.

Academic Partners

We rely on research from leading cognitive scientists, applied psychologists, educators and neuroscientists with whom we partner.

Case Studies

Our clients are unique. Our approach reflects that. We believe each person we serve is a case study rather than a self-serving statistic.